Friday, March 25, 2011


thx daddy coz give me money money money ..
ber RAT RAT RAT dapat .. HAPPY !
i get it when i'm cryin about sumthing ..
err sumthingg la ??? urmmm
don't be busybody 2 know what happen 2 me yaw ! hihi :))
hmmm i hate it coz be like this ..
sumthing that make me so hurt hurt hurt  ! PUNDEK !
sokeyy ..
i jz to be patient  ..
jz remember WHAT U GIVE U WILL GET BACK ! err nyampah !
hmm btw thanx daddy coz make me happy back ..
still think about that ..
i can get a money when i'm crying ..
so jz cring after this when i need the money . HAHA !
hyeppp ! don't be like that la era oiiii ..
DOSE beb ..
ha dah dapat uh diamdiam jew .. DON'T be gedik n take opportunity 2 get money from ur dady ..
hee i never do it 2 you daddy ..
btw thanz AGAIN coz alwayz help me n make me happy in my life :))
so i can 2 shopping SAKAN with the money .. n can buy anything that i want ..
errr so BOROSSSSS :))

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